Must-read: House Rules

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Must-read: House Rules Empty Must-read: House Rules

Post  Cocoholic on Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:18 am

1. Strictly NO bashing.

2. No posts made to hurt back. Complaints should be posted in the Questions & Suggestions board or addressed to the moderators. Use of vulgar language is also not allowed. Using asterisks (*) to "censor" these words are not allowed either. Posts with curse words will also be deleted.

3. Do not use shortcuts or text language and sticky caps (aS In tLknG lYk DiS) because it's much harder to read and understand. Use proper grammar and spelling. Unlike in mobile phones, we don't have a character limit here so you don't have to use shortcuts. Also, please limit font sizes to 12pt, max. Large fonts are really quite unnecessary if your post is sensible enough to get your point across.

4. NO SPAMMING. Post replies that say more than just "I agree," "Yes," "Woohoo," "Good Idea," "Good Work," etc. You can reply with these phrases, but include why you agree or disagree so your post won't be a waste.

5. You are responsible for the individual threads you start in the Who’s Who forum. Any sort of disagreement or misbehavior, or violation of the House Rules, shall be sufficient cause for automatic deletion of your thread.

6. Stay on topic. Off-topic posts, or threads started in the wrong forum, shall be deleted. USE THE SEARCH BUTTON when you are interested in discussing a topic. Double posts are not allowed.

7. If you posted something and no one's replied to it yet, you can use the EDIT function to add to or subtract from your post. Don't post it again and again or reply and say that no one's answering your question.

8. Keep all discussion appropriate.

Thank you! I love you

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